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OK BAG is your solution towards adding value and creating brand in your bags and, at the same time, support a greener future. What we offer that distinguishes us are

Weaver and Bag Maker: Choices and Quality

Together, OK BAG and her group of companies are manufacturer of cotton, jute, canvas, and nonwoven fabrics. OK BAG then processes these fabrics into the right bags for our customers. Being in control of the upstream processes of raw material allows OK BAG to offer vast choices and quality products.

Print Every Bag: Creating your Brand

We know that a unique identity is central to every business, every person and, every event.
Without leaving your mark and brand on your services, products, events, and achievements – they do not imprint your identity to your story. OK BAG, therefore, make sure that we can imprint your brands onto our bags for the littlest quantity.

Sustainability: Movement at every level

Contribute to a more sustainable future? The right packaging will send out the clearest message of your intent and your support. Our fabric choices vary in degrees of green, but all must be, nonetheless, green!

OUR Eco bags Range:





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