Eco Cotton Bags

Cotton bags, fabric made of natural fibers using cotton mixed with fiber from linen woven into cotton. Polyester or polyester nowadays It does not bleach, so the texture is flexible, not slippery, it has a different thickness and highly durable.

Most of the bags are used to screen calico brand to create a memorable brand and beautiful screen designs along the trend of the present day and collaborate to use calico bags to reduce global warming. The color of the fabric is unique white color creates natural beauty. With the sewing calico fabric. We created more beautiful calico bags by putting on artwork by screen printing or logo printing, and many of us often paint ourselves as handmade.

At OK Bag, every process we care with a reasonable price.

Our minimum order starts from 100 pieces only  

Cotton bags, we sell as a wholesale price.

*Delivery for free in Bangkok metropolis includes Samutsakorn, Samutprakarn, Nonthaburi and Pathumthani – Out of area will be a cost for transportation.

Cotton ID #002

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How to order:

  1. Have your material, color, handle, handle color, quantity, color of screen printing and side ready.
  2. Fill your address (If you need a VAT, please mention and give us details).
  3. Make a payment.
  4. Inform when your payment is made.
  5. Duration of bag produced is about 3-7 days (no screen printing).
  6. Duration of bag produced with screen printing: 1 – 2 colors takes about 10-15 days and 3 – 4 colors takes about 20-30 days.
  7. You can send your logo or file to info@ok-bag.com or

          Facebook: okbag.nonwoven

          Line Id: @okbag or contact us directly via phone: +669 5462-9789

For more info, please contact us via phone +669 5462-9789


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