OK Bag

Together, OK BAG and her group of companies are manufacturers of cotton, jute, canvas, nonwoven, felt fabrics and bags. We are your oem (Original Equipment Manufacturer) bag producer servicing tp your design and print.

We produce Spunbond (Non-Woven) bags, eco cotton bags, canvas bags, and jute as premium screen brands. Designed to meet the needs of our customers (made to order) and available in several sizes.

Our factory uses technical production machineries in conjunction with skills from craftsmen and women. OK BAG maintains stringent policies of fair and honest engagement with our people.

To be the best choice to customers and dealers for bags and packaging, OK BAG is committed!

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Tel: +66 34 871 555
Mobile: +66 95 462 9789
Email: info@ok-bag.com
Facebook: okbag.nonwoven